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Genevieve Healy @Genhealy

INDONESIA When I think of Bali, the first thing that comes to mind are the smells. The smell of incense burning in prayer offerings placed on the ground in front of every building; the smell of burning rice paddies, creating smoke clouds in the insistently humid air; the smell of peanuts, fresh fruit, nasi goreng wafting from warungs mixing with cigarette smoke.  It’s sensory overload in the best way possible. The smells, sunsets, and new experiences pass the weeks in a deeply satisfying blur. And it's easy. For as foreign as your first scooter ride through traffic feels, you’ll be haggling like a pro and cracking open fresh coconuts in no time. It’s a good first entry into a non-western...

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John White @

Soaking In Cartagena  Itinerary   Panama City - Cartagena - Bogotá - Omaha  Hotel  Cartagena Hampton Inn    Siempre he dicho que uno envejece más rápido en los retratos que en la vida real.   - Colombian author and Nobel Prize Winner Gabriel García Márquez    The key to this global soul, for everyone, lay entirely in perception; it was not so much that man had been exiled from the Garden as that he had ceased to notice that it was all around him.      - Pico Iyer    "Scuba Steve, you want to go to Colombia in March?"  "Sure, but I have to be back by March 22nd."  "That works for me.  I should probably ask my wife first."  The trip was...

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Sarah Maine @

Four Must-Sees of Busan  When thinking about South Korea, most people can tell you the capital is Seoul. Seoul is a great place to visit for a day or more, but what about any other cities or provinces? How many can you name? The majority of people who have never been to Korea couldn't even tell you the name of the second biggest city in Korea.  Busan is South Korea's second biggest city, and yet it has more to offer than the capital itself. It is one of the most popular tourist locations in Korea but still one of the most unknown destinations to the outside world. Five months into my move to South Korea, I found myself wondering why...

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Alison Netzer @

Monsoon Afternoon Among the Karen Visiting a Karen Tribe, Thailand We drove two hours, deep into the jungle, of northern Thailand to visit the Karen Tribe. The roads were unpaved. Potholes deep and full of water. It was monsoon season and the periodic rains were heavy. We watched out the window thick jungle passed by and occasionally saw water buffalo sitting in small ponds. Our guide, Anan, explained a bit about the tribe we were about to visit. It was his own tribe; when not working for the tour company, he farms rice. We hired Thailand Hilltribe Holidays for a private tour of the different hill tribes of Thailand. 1day authentic hill tribe tour. We chose this organization because they...

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Diya Hashmi @sarisandlattes

Travelling with Minimal Luggage to Istanbul, Turkey When travelling across the world with a baby and partner, the last thing a person thinks of when packing for an overseas trip is less luggage. Instead, it is the 1,000 things we think we need; like will the baby need that extra item in case of an emergency? Our minds always race to: yes, obviously! I did not follow that route. When I had planned our trip to Istanbul, Turkey I devised a fully lined itinerary of things we need and where we will be going. For me, the last thing I wanted to do was carry heavy luggage all around an unknown country or lose something important. To start off my...

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