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Finally, it’s that time again! I’ve packed my bag and I’m ready to get lost in another adventure. There’s something refreshing about the smell of the air in a foreign country that puts a smile on my face; not having to look at the clock and get up to work for the man, but naturally rise for today’s adventure in an unfamiliar place.

Wherever it may be, whatever draws you to see and be part of a culture, it’s always exciting to meet people that have a common interest to travel, to meet the locals and really immerse yourself, live and breathe that life.

There’s something liberating about leaving the comforts of home behind; something real about feeling as far away from reality as possible and trusting your own senses. You have nothing you can compare from back home so all you can bring to the table is your character and your plan ahead.

The world is filled with amazing diversity, it is as far and wide as your imagination, the best classroom for life's lessons and the most enjoyable learning curve you can have... travel.

So Hakuna matata for the rest of your days! Ok, maybe not for the rest of your days, but for a little while, you can live by that problem-free philosophy and say goodbye to your worries!

Wherever your next destination is, whatever your journey holds, we at One Bag Vagabond trust you find something that you’re looking for. Check out our collection of travel bags! 

One Bag Vagabond has set out to collaborate with travel bloggers from around the globe, and asked them to share their own travel experiences in many incredible places. We are thrilled to be able to introduce these authors to you, and will be publishing their stories bi-monthly. Enjoy!


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