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Rakyle Mahoney @

My Brazil Trip.   I’m a person who loves to travel a lot and recently, I got the opportunity to spend a few days in three of Brazils most visited cities. It was one of the most fascinating experiences that I had in my life. I booked my travel itinerary for 6 days in each and got on the flight from London Heathrow Airport to my first stop in Brazil, landing in Sao Paulo. After getting around the city of Sao Paulo, I headed to the bus port, took the bus and went straight to Salvador and then flew to Rio, it’s a long bus ride so safer and easier to fly with TAM airlines. Below mentioned are some of...

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Will McCartney @

Treading the treacherous tightrope of Thailand  When you gather your ideas and bags, both equally as rugged and tenuous, for your impending trip to Thailand, you will probably be sat down by your parents as they attempt to give you an out-dated lowdown on the do’s and don’ts of the Eastern Utopia that they visited all those decades ago.  “The beaches are like paradise – clear blue waters and unmanned sands for miles!”, they will bellow – “The street food is tantalising – you can survive for weeks on less than £100!”. This is the rhetoric that is chucked around inter-generationally between domestic mouths, and was enough of a unique-selling-point for me to press ‘Confirm’ on SkyScanner. Bangkok Our plane...

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Charvi and Jaymine @

Bali: The land of Beaches, Temples and Volcanos. Yeah! We have been to Bali, Indonesia in August 2016. The amazing land of Beaches, water activities, temples and more. With bustling streets, relaxing retreats, numerous temples and standing volcanoes, Bali captures the essence of Indonesia perfectly.   Day 1: Welcome to Bali Saying goodbye to our home we took our flight and began our dreamlike journey to Bali. It was 8 PM when we reached the airport, we hired a taxi than and reached our hotel. We checked in at our first hotel Love F hotel, Kuta. After relaxing for a while we went out to explore. We enjoyed Bali Night safari, a must recommended activity to enjoy different species of...

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Natalia Nowicki @

"Hong Kong in Three Days"     What's on your bucket list? I bet Hong Kong is somewhere up there. For some it's close to the top, for others closer to the bottom. No matter what number Hong Kong is on your list, you'll definitely want to go. It's a city for everyone on every budget, every taste and every Vagabond sticking to a tight one-bag travel policy! So you want to be a cool, efficient, minimal packing but maximum adventure seeking traveler? Here's an itinerary to help get your adventure in Hong Kong started without a hitch while checking off the must-see, Instagrammable, and selfie worthy places in three days.   Flights: To find the cheapest and best deal...

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Morgan Gibbs @

"5 travel mistakes to avoid" People love to go on vacation, at least all the fun people do anyway. But most don't have the time to go on enough of them to fully master the art of the flub-free trip. A starving teenager here, a broken suitcase wheel there, a 37-hour non-refundable flight delay way over there. There will always be something that goes wrong. However, the mishaps should be few and far between. You should be able to look back years later and laugh. Nobody wants to come home to a tattered La-Z-Boy sipping a whiskey straight wondering why you spent $2,000 on a flight to Thailand just to sit between a snoring retired blogger and a small tribe...

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