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"5 travel mistakes to avoid" People love to go on vacation, at least all the fun people do anyway. But most don't have the time to go on enough of them to fully master the art of the flub-free trip. A starving teenager here, a broken suitcase wheel there, a 37-hour non-refundable flight delay way over there. There will always be something that goes wrong. However, the mishaps should be few and far between. You should be able to look back years later and laugh. Nobody wants to come home to a tattered La-Z-Boy sipping a whiskey straight wondering why you spent $2,000 on a flight to Thailand just to sit between a snoring retired blogger and a small tribe...

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Welcome to One Bag Vagabond 2018!

Finally, it’s that time again! I’ve packed my bag and I’m ready to get lost in another adventure. There’s something refreshing about the smell of the air in a foreign country that puts a smile on my face; not having to look at the clock and get up to work for the man, but naturally rise for today’s adventure in an unfamiliar place. Wherever it may be, whatever draws you to see and be part of a culture, it’s always exciting to meet people that have a common interest to travel, to meet the locals and really immerse yourself, live and breathe that life. There’s something liberating about leaving the comforts of home behind; something real about feeling as far...

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